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If you’re sick of searching for hashtags, feeling confused by what the heck you should be posting, and done with all the “hacks” and advice from so-called “experts,” — you need a plan. A social media strategy. 

Get social. 


You’re a business owner spending hours each week creating content, but your current social media vibe feels a little… chaotic.

You’re constantly reaching people you know aren’t your target audience.

You wish your comments were full of paying customers (instead of only other business owners cheering you on!).

Instagram feels like an always-changing guessing game.

You’re constantly coming up with new content ideas at the last minute to try to see what will make you sales. No matter what you try, nothing feels like it’s actually working.

You’re so sick of not knowing what to post.

You wish you could read your audience’s minds and understand what you need to post for them to take action.

You want content ideas & a plan. Without all the second guessing. So you can feel good about your social.

Know exactly what to post. Understand what leads your people to engage. Build a community of fans along the way.


A six-week live course that will take your Instagram vibes from stuck to strategic by creating your very own social media strategy.

Access to Signature Social Media Template

Get access to Kat’s signature templates so you can easily schedule your content, create your own social media strategy, and track your analytics.

Weekly live modules to create your strategy

No complicated software here- you’ll learn the content live each week with Kat from Social Kat Media. Can’t make it? Modules will be recorded so you can access the replay at any time.

Weekly accountability / co-working call

Take your social media strategy from dreaming to DONE during the weekly Thursday coworking accountability call! Calls will take place every Thursday

Custom social media strategy creation

You’ll create your own custom social media strategy with high-touch support, feedback, and accountability to make it a success! Use your strategy to make smart, data-backed decisions about posting, engagement, collaborations, and more. 

Social Goals

Social Goals

Social Goals

Social Goals

Social Goals


Take your Instagram vibes from stuck 
to strategic.

You know exactly what’s actually helping your business grow (and what you can ditch)

Here’s why you’ll be Taylor-Travis level obsessed with your custom social media strategy:

You’ll finally understand your audience in ways you’ve never been able to before (which means you can create content that speaks to them!)

You’ll have a clear content plan and a bank of content ideas to grow your community and sales

 You can make strategy-backed decisions about what to post (so you’re not just trying random trends to see what works)

You have what it takes to succeed on social

You just need a plan. The support of an expert in your corner. Someone cheering you on and giving you the training you need.

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I’m the social media strategist behind Social Kat Media, helping small businesses make social media not just tolerable- but FUN and EFFECTIVE!

If you’re like most small business owners, you have a love-hate relationship with creating content. You need a strategy that makes creating for social media more enjoyable!

My mission is to help you own your role as your business’ marketing director (and have FUN doing it!). 

Over the past 7 years, I’ve created hundreds of social media strategies for small businesses just like yours. No matter the size of your business, you’ll benefit from having a clear, sustainable plan for your Instagram!

hi, I'm kat!

Your social media bff

"Jump in. You will spend way more money on things that you would find less helpful. No matter what type of business you have, she will be able to help you see where you fit in to all of this. There was a wide variety of businesses in my cohort and I think we all felt supported through the process."

"Kat is very knowledgeable and doesn't just throw around a bunch of industry jargon!"

Julia, jwalsh social, Spring 2024 Cohort

"Being able to show our work for feedback was so helpful!"

Robin, robin's nest, soap, Spring 2024 cohort
hear it from my clients
hear it from my clients

Build a FUN and EFFECTIVE social media strategy

So you can actually enjoy social media. Instead of just hate-scrolling while watching Love is Blind.

A six-week live course that will take your Instagram vibes from stuck to strategic by creating your very own social media strategy.


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Social Goals

Social Goals

Social Goals

Social Goals

Social Goals

Templates and worksheets to take your content from ideas to planned

You won’t be staring at a blank google doc. Throughout the process of building your strategy, you’ll have templates and worksheets to help you tackle every section.

A strategy that works for YOU and YOUR business

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You don’t need to compare yourself to others online. Instead, you’ll focus on building a strategy that is designed for your goals, your capacity, and your life.

Get all your questions answered in weekly Q&A calls

You don’t have to do this alone! You’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback at every step of the process, including getting eyes on your strategy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is social goals for me?

Every business needs a social media strategy. Whether you’re an online business owner or you’re running a brick-and-mortar, you’ll learn to create a social media strategy that works for your business.


Your Strategic Social Era runs live for 6 weeks. Weekly calls will rotate between lesson modules and co-working calls.


You’ll create your own custom social media strategy based on the framework Kat uses with her own 1:1 strategy clients. Each week, you’ll show up live to learn to create your strategy step by step. You’ll also get exclusive access to the signature resources Kat uses to create social media strategies!


1:1 sessions aren’t included, but that doesn’t mean I’m not available! Ask me anything about your strategy during our coworking calls or send me your documents to get video feedback. If you’d like more support or would rather hire me to create your social media strategy, you can check out my Signature Strategy package here!


Don’t worry! Each module will be recorded and sent out to the course attendees after.

Never get stuck doom scrolling looking for ideas again.

Module 4: Building Community on Social Media

In Social Goals, you’ll learn...

Listen: engagement isn’t just liking 30 posts, commenting on big accounts in your niche, or replying to all your followers’ stories.

You’ll create a strategic plan to engage and nurture your community. You’ll develop your own engagement schedule and process, learn how to support your content by creating Instagram stories, as well as the main types of stories you’ll create.

Module 2: Core Content

Now that you know who you’re speaking to, you’ll learn how to create FUN content using Social Kat Media’s signature framework. 

You’ll create a content map and create content that makes readers excited to take action on the content you post (instead of liking it and scrolling away).

Module 3: Content Planning

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” - Taylor Swift.

It’s time to put all your work into action. In this module you’ll use your analytics to set realistic and stretch goals. 

You’ll plan launches, campaigns, and times of rest with thoughtful consideration for that results you want to achieve. 

Module 1: Market Research

The first step in a social media strategy should ALWAYS be research. You’ll learn how to know what you should be posting, who your audience is, and what they care about. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a while, you need a custom social media strategy.

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(without the usual four figure price tag)

Social Goals

A four-week live course that will take your Instagram vibes from stuck to strategic by creating your very own social media strategy.


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More fun. Less stress. That’s the way social media should be.

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You don’t need another trending audio or a better hashtag. You need strategy. And you deserve the peace a strategy brings.

Still have questions? I'm here for you.


Reach out!

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