Running your small business, but feel like your social media is running you? There’s a stress-free, more joyful way to do Instagram.

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You’re juggling the day-to-day of your small business while constantly creating content for Instagram AND trying not to slide face-first into burnout.

You spend your days fulfilling orders, providing your services, giving customer support, and building relationships in your community. You desperately need a few extra hours in your day to check everything off your constantly growing to-do list. 

You know how important social media is for growing your small business, but at the end of the day, you’re too tired to scroll through the latest Reel trends or read the latest jargon-filled update about hashtags.

It feels like Instagram is constantly changing, and you’re drained from spending your free time trying to figure out what you should be doing… instead of living your life outside your business.

As a small business, how are you supposed to have time to find the latest reel trends or the money to hire a full-time social media manager to do it for you? 

Listen: you’re not alone.

As a small business owner (and team of one), you’re used to doing it all.

If it feels like you need to be a full-time content creator to grow your social media, there’s another way.

You CAN run your social media as a small business owner instead of letting it run you.

Does this
sound familiar?

04 /// You know hiring a social media manager isn’t in the cards (or budget) right now.

You’d love to outsource your social media completely, but right now, you know you need help to figure out what’s going on. 

01 /// You’re struggling to keep up with Instagram’s constant changes… and it’s overwhelming.

Your brain is a constant stream of “are Reels relevant?”, “how many hashtags should I be using?”, and “should I be posting Carousels?”.

02 /// You’re trying to piece together all the “expert” advice you see online.

It feels like everyone tells you to try something completely different, and not all of it feels realistic. Trends seem to change before you can hop on them, and you don’t understand if hashtags are even relevant anymore.

03 /// Your Instagram screentime is high, but you’re not seeing results.

You’re spending a lot of time posting, engaging, and scrolling through Reels, but you have no idea if what you’re doing is working.

Learn how to make Instagram work for your small business, so you can run your social media without feeling like it’s running you.

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What’s included in the Social with Kat Club membership?

Monthly workshops

Build your skills with monthly workshops on key digital marketing topics like email marketing, Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, content planning, and more.

Monthly content guide

Take the guesswork out of your content with post ideas and themes that can be easily tailored to fit your business.

Trending reel ideas delivered weekly

Make it easy to create reels instead of spending hours scrolling looking for the latest trend! Each week, you’ll get four trending reel ideas in your inbox to customize for your niche.

Live Q&A coaching call

Need Instagram accountability and advice? Once a month, join us virtually to chat social media, ask Kat your burning questions about social media, and get your content done!

Online member community

Our Facebook community is the perfect space to ask questions, chat about social media, share your wins, and more!

Valued at: $550/month
Your price: $97/month

What people are saying about the Club...

"I’m reading over the reel prompts email and this is genius! Honestly, the most helpful social support I’ve ever seen! Finding and UNDERSTANDING the current trending sounds and videos is so hard, I always miss the big boom of the trend! Love love love 20/10 would highly recommend."

Laura, Embellish

"As part of the Club I've received guidance on how to improve my bio, make my captions more effective, and create more effective content. The weekly emails, monthly check ins, and knowing I can always ask a question in the Facebook group have been a huge source of support. I appreciate that Kat has taken time to get to know everyone, so her feedback and suggestions are always geared to your needs and goals. The Social with Kat club has already been an excellent investment and is helping to make social media feel less stressful for me!"

Jordan Lyall, Jordan Lyall Photography
hear it from my clients
hear it from my clients

Join a community of business owners to ask questions, get insights, and figure out how to grow your online community

If you’re ready to…

… The Social with Kat Club is for you!

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Focus less on keeping up the trends and more on posting meaningful content your community will love

Stop feeling like you should be posting every day or following a long list of Instagram engagement tips

Create the consistency and confidence to show up for your community (because that’s where the magic happens!)


I’m the founder of Social Kat Media, a social media and content agency helping small businesses get big results online.

I love working with small businesses because at my core, I’m a small-town person who loves the simpler things in life.

Something that should be simple? Social media for your business!

After working with hundreds of business owners just like you, I know social media can be not just tolerable, but fun and effective! 

Hey, I’m Kat!

Meet the "Kat" Behind Social Kat

In case you were wondering...


If you’re a solopreneur or maker who wants to stop doing social media alone (and have more fun online!), this membership is for you. Whether you’re an online business owner or you’re running a brick-and-mortar, the Social with Kat Club makes social media easy and accessible for your business.


Yes, your membership bills monthly so you can cancel at any time. Just so you know: if you unsubscribe, you’ll pay the full membership rate if you rejoin at another time.


1:1 sessions aren’t included, but that doesn’t mean I’m not available! You can attend monthly coworking/Q&A sessions to chat with me, or ask your questions in our private Facebook community. If you’d like more support in the membership, you can book a Power Hour session if you have lots of questions or specifically want my opinion on your strategy.


Creating content is a business task– it’s worth it to pay an expert to help you! You’ll save time, money, and energy when you know exactly what to post on Instagram to see results. You’ll also confidently and consistently create meaningful content for your community (which is where the magic happens!).

"I love that no mater what is happening in my life or my business the social Kat Media club is here for me when I need it. No matter what is happening tips and reel ideas land in my inbox and when I need to I can reach out to the group or to Kat!"

"Working with Kat has taken some of the stress out of our social media endeavors!"

jessica york, the branch ranch
hear it from my clients
hear it from my clients

Here’s what you get access to with your monthly membership

Monthly workshops

to keep you learning and improving your skills.

Monthly content guide

with post ideas for the month and themes to tailor to your own business.

Trending reel ideas

that you can customize for your niche. Easily create your Reels instead of scrolling looking for the latest trend.

Coworking and Q&A Calls

to chat social media, ask Kat your burning questions about social media, and get your content done.

Online members community

is the perfect space to ask questions, chat about social media, share your wins, and more.

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